Mother Mariam Clara Ashram, Kannadiurump

Place : Kannadiurump
Parish: Palai Cathedral
Established Year: 2004
Address: Mother Mariam Clara Ashram Kannadiurump, Pala P.O. Kottayam Dt.
Pin: 686 575
Phone: 04822 -213955

At Pala near the Kannadiurump convent there was the foundation of the small house in which our founding mothers stayed before the establishment of the FC Congregation and it could be recognized even after a century. During the centenary celebrations of the congregation, this foundation was considered and all this a building was constructed and put as 'shilaphlakam' inscribed with their names on it. After many years that building was demolished and another grand building, architecturally skilled, was built. Provincial Superior Sr. Lisa Martin strongly felt and shared with other sisters that making an Ashram, along with the former building were silence is strict and more importance is given for prayer and contemplation, is very useful and would be a remembrance of the founding mothers. So the Ashram was built.
This Ashram is in the name of Mother Mariam Clara, who was the leader and the first superior of the founding mothers. There are eight single rooms for 8 sisters to stay and pray .This arrangements help them to be in silence and solitude. There is a chapel here and there  is adoration every day except on Sunday. The sisters follow a strict time - table here. There is a library with plenty of good spiritual books. Sisters from different convents come here for certain period of time like one year, two months, one week etc. and renew their prayer life before they go back. The superior of the Kannadiurump helps them by reaching all the things they need. These sisters daily attend the Holy Mass in Kannadiurump convent Chapel and have breakfast (from) there. There is a sister-in charge to look after all the matters of these sisters. Those who have come here once for prayer, wait for another chance to come again. They intercede for all. They do not have any common prayers except the canon prayer. The aims of this institution are: be a spiritual house of the province, to make the sisters of the province more fervent in prayer and in spiritual life, to give a chance to escape from the busy life situation and to pray in solitude.

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